Founded in 2016 and based in New York City, CREW UP® is a growing, trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book local entertainment industry professionals.
Whether your booking is for one day or longer, CREW UP connects people for video, film, and photography staffing needs to make your project happen.


  • Advertise your crew roles and rates.
  • Add links to your profile on IMDb, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, LinkedIn, and your company website.
  • Share more details in your bio.
  • Bookmark people for future reference.


  • Search for crew near you or near a specific location.
  • Filter by crew role and availability.
  • See who's local to you.


  • Chat with other Crew Up members.
  • Send and receive hold and booking requests.
  • Review your messaging and booking history.
  • Easily share profile links in messages using @name.
  • Call and FaceTime from within the app.


  • Find and book crew for your job.
  • Keep track of unfilled, held, and booked roles.
  • View everyone on jobs you created and jobs you've been hired on.
  • Share notes with everyone on the job and/or individual crew members.
  • Easily message everyone booked on the job.


  • View your holds, bookings, previous jobs and unavailable dates.
  • Review your job history.
  • Never miss a booking request with iOS notifications.
  • Sync jobs with your iOS system calendar.


  • Browse friends and explore the Crew Up social graph.
  • Make new connections from Crew Up friends-of-friends and your Facebook friends.


  • Share your profile on
  • Profile links are automatically opened in the Crew Up app (if installed) or Safari.


Great Crew Scheduler
This is a very convenient app for getting scheduled for assignments. It integrates messaging , calendar, and job status in one easy place. It also keeps important requests out of the email clutter, never missing a request. More producers should use it.
Super Solid App that could help shape the industry. Sometimes on bigger jobs it can be difficult to coordinate crew and job notes and all of the moving parts that go with production. This app really helps that process and makes it more efficient and contained. Highly recommend to industry professionals.
Great app for creatives
I’m a makeup artist and this app has helped me land some gigs. Super user friendly; definitely recommend signing up!
super useful for production teams!
Just did my first PA job booked through this app and it made the day really smooth. seeing everyone working the job in one place ahead of time, getting group messages from the head producer through out the day..especially seeing pics of people you haven’t worked with before ahead of time made the experience much easier than walking into an unknown group of people you have never worked with.
Very helpful for booking jobs
I am a manicurist living in NYC and I book many jobs through this app. It’s straight forward and easy to use! I highly recommend downloading and using this app if you work in the entertainment industry!
Best way to book a job!
I wish all of my freelance work would book through Crew Up! So easy to connect with the crew, keep my schedule in line, and track jobs I’ve done for invoicing.
super convenient & easy!
this app has changed the way in which i connect with production industry professionals. booking jobs and sharing information has never been easier. long gone are the days of frantically emailing contacts asking for referrals - now you can just check the app and book!
Amazing App!
This app is amazing for freelancers like me who are always looking for work! Easy to navigate, connect and network. I wish this came out sooner! My friends and I have booked many gigs with Crew Up and it’s been seamless. Highly recommend!
Great App With Qualified Candidates
This app is fantastic. It has a great user interface and is extremely intuitive. However, what really pushes this app over the top is the quality pool of candidates. I was specifically looking for DPs and found an abundance of options for my project. Kudos to the Crew Up team for creating this app.
The app the production world has been waiting for
Finding and hiring a crew is still a pain. You need to email around to see if anyone knows someone in a certain city and/or email around to see who is available. With Crew Up, you can easily search for crews needs in a specific area, see if they’re available, and boom them, all in one place with an easy to use interface.
a legit app for booking and managing your schedule. Whether an artist or looking to book one, this simplifies everything. A no brainer for the photo production and film industry.
This is Rocks!
I'm a freelancer living in Brooklyn; this app is exactly what I need to keep track of my forever changing schedules. It's very simple to use, and great way to network with other peeps in the biz and get more work!
I've only been on Crew Up for a few weeks and have already booked jobs. The app allows you to easily make new connections within the film industry. It gives access to each user's portfolio so you know exactly who you're working with. Such a great tool.
Crew Up is exactly what the industry needs. I could not be happier with my first experience and the convenience, efficiency, and cost savings. Will definitely use again. A must for industry professionals.
Great concept!
I have used Crew Up since Beta and it is such a relief, it's what the industry needed. There are a lot of other similar services out there but no one is honing in on the media industry like Crew Up is doing. I have already booked a couple of gigs on Crew Up (and hired on there myself) and the app also helps me manage those bookings. I cannot wait to see what future updates has in store for the app.